About this Site

A Muslim American proud to stand and support Bahrain Loyalists and a Free Iran.

Twitter is surely an interesting place …. at this site you will see many tweets posted by people who claim to be Human Rights Advocates but in reality only trying to silence your voice.  These human rights advocates will slander you, lie about you and even send you death threats hoping to shut down you down.   They have failed not only with me but with many people who also have that same right as me – Freedom of Speech!

Don’t think for a minute human rights advocates stand for all of us – they don’t and a perfect example is Bahrain.  I have not witnessed one human rights advocate and/or group condemn the violence against the citizens of Bahrain yet they support those who terrorize and harm them.  This includes the use of molotov bombs, metal rods, burning tires,  and the worst – using children.

There are many more of these dirty people and in time will expose them as well but due to a police/legal matter I have been asked not to do so at this time.

Stay strong my dear friends in Bahrain and pray every day for our dear friends in Iran.

Long live the Kingdom of Bahrain and Free Iran!

May Allah bless and watch over all of you!

Aisha Abdulrahman


Dirty People… They just can’t help themselves. This comment will remain here for all to see how these ‘human rights’ frauds track you down, lie and slander people. I have nothing to hide but it seems they do…


3 thoughts on “About this Site

  1. Dear gloria

    first of all I would like to thank you and your effort that you are putting into your blog and twitter page, I wish you the best of luck and really wish people can learn from you


    Ali al ghatam

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